Preparing to sell your property?

What do you need to know before you put your property on the market? Let Hinternoosa guide you through the sales process. Below are some tips for selling your home, keeping these in mind when preparing your property for sale, will help to achieve the highest price for your property.

First Impressions Are Important

Aim to keep the inside and outside of the home tidy.

A pot plant of blooming flowers near the front door is a welcoming idea. It is important your property looks its very best from the moment it goes on the market. First impressions count.

Fresh and Clean

Remove any dirty marks from walls and ceilings, touch up any chipped woodwork or torn wallpaper. A fresh coat of paint costing only a few hundred dollars can add a few thousand to the eventual selling price.

Tidy Up and Declutter

Get rid of those unnecessary items we all accumulate over the years. Clean out the garage, tidy up the spare room, remove any rubbish.

Kitchens And Bathrooms

Clean the oven and stove. It is important that these areas are sparkling. Never leave dishes on the sink.

A scented aqua flush in each toilet is a good idea.

Light And Bright

During the day, open the curtains and let the sun shine in, dark rooms do not appeal.

The Family Pets

Keep pets out of the way and if possible outside the house and try to ensure there is minimal evidence of their “life” inside the house.

Go Out For A Coffee

It is a good strategy to go out when you know you have an inspection scheduled. Your salesperson is skilled in bringing negotiations to a favourable conclusion.

Our Stylist Can Add Shine

A property that ‘shines’ will generally sell faster and for a higher price that one left ‘untouched’. We have a styling service that can help you get the most out of your own belongings or help you hire the right items to really give your home a ‘lift’.