This popular method of sale is one of the best ways to establish the true market value of your property. It also allows you to set a fixed time period for the sale process, which can help with planning your next move and scheduling of open for inspections. Competing Buyers, each buyer will value your property differently — so not having a fixed price attracts people from varying price ranges. It is when buyers compete against one another that the absolute best price can be achieved. The fear of missing out can sometimes result in a sale price well above reserve.

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Private Treaty (exclusive listing)

Fixed Asking Price

This method of sale involves marketing the property with a fixed asking price to attract genuine buyers in your agreed price range.

“Offers From” Strategy

This approach is designed to attract more buyers to the property and create competition for the home. It is the negotiating skill of the agent that is critical using this method.

What Is Your Best Choice?

It is important to note that the property market can vary as a result of recent sales, government policy, interest rate changes and local development. Some market conditions tend to suit one method of sale over another. Your Hinternoosa agent will keep you up to date with current market conditions, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the best method of sale for you and your family.


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