Cooroy Mountain (Post Code: 4563)

Cooroy Mountain with its volcanic origins, is the centrepiece of the Noosa hinterland. This area is lush with bountiful fresh spring water and is well known for its magnificent properties. It has attracted many people from around the world who have come to find a place of peace, beauty and purity.

The vista from Cooroy Mountain encompasses a patchwork quilt of magnificently groomed properties in a 360 degree vista running towards the coast and back to the ranges. Early mornings often unveil a foggy mirage with just the tops of mountains appearing like islands in the mist. 

Just north of the mountain sits freshwater Lake MacDonald, 110 metres above sea level nestled midway between Cooroy and Noosa Heads. Its northern shores are home to the Noosa Botanical Gardens and Amphitheatre, teeming with some 40 varieties of wild birds and kangaroos often grazing the grounds in the morning. Stocked with a variety of fish and fiercely protected from development, it's an angler's paradise and a community's treasure.

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Cooroy Mountain is the centre of the hinterland and can be described in one word as prestige.

With the perfect mix of a privacy and proximity to Cooroy Township… Cooroy Mountain is mostly comprised of older couples and their families as well as a nice mix of mature aged couples and singles.

Cooroy Mountain boarders the Township of Cooroy which has intimate coffee shops and gourmet eateries, supermarket, schoolsand medical services. Ideal for families who need access to the town while still wanting a private oasis.

Due to the semi-rural lifestyle, homes are all about the connection with nature. Expect large acreage, lots of windows, spectacular views out over undulating paddocks, open plan living, large entertaining areas, a pool and maybe even a veggie garden.

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