We give a buck – Join the MEGA Bargain Sale on 28th July




We give a buck – Join the MEGA Bargain Sale on 28th July

We give a buck – Join the MEGA Bargain Sale on 28th July

With the newly renovated Cooroy Memorial Hall reopened, many charities are delighted to have the venue back to keep events, such as the Mega Bargain Sale, local. Organised by the Sunshine Swags Program, an initiative of the I Give Buck Foundation, the fundraiser will benefit the program which supports children entering Domestic & Family Violence Refuges across Australia.

Children’s exposure to domestic and family violence has enormous hidden consequences. It can have detrimental effects on their behaviour, education, mental and physical health and even their chance of becoming homeless in the future. The effects are often life-long and severe.

Children thrive in safe, stable and nurturing home environments where they have a routine and know what to expect. Secure, loving relationships with their parents and quality, uninterrupted learning opportunities at home and in school are key to future well-being.
A sudden or significant disruption in one area often leads to a domino effect in the others. Whilst being vital for their safety, finding themselves entering a family and domestic violence refuge can be extremely stressful for children of all ages and affects children’s feeling of security.

Many children enter a refuge with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. The urgency of their situation has meant that all their possessions have been left behind. Everything they know and love. Everything that brings them comfort. The immediate sense of loss is huge.

The Sunshine Swags Program aims to lessen the impact of that sense of loss for children entering refuges across Australia and in doing so, hope to reduce the deep and lasting impacts that their displacement can have on their development physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

The exact number of children entering domestic and family refuges in Australia each year is not known. Funding is provided to refuges based on the number of clients that they service but, for funding purposes, only the mothers are considered to be clients – so only the mothers are officially counted. There is no national data collection agency for refuges, making the task even more difficult. Best estimates put the number at over 50,000 children. Last year, the first year of the program, 400 children were supported - This year the target is 1,000. 

The program provides the sunshine swags that are large ‘weekend’ sized bags filled with age and gender appropriate goods, such as comfort toys, toiletries, books, play items/activities, and so much more. Please check out the website for more information www.sunshineswags.org.au

The MEGA Bargain sale is ultimately fundraising for this cause. Plenty of local supporters have given a wide range of items for re-sale, including designer clothes from Dejuca Kids, women’s and baby clothes from Bonds, bric-a-brac/collectors’ items. On the day there will also be a horse themed gift stall, plant stall, top brand toiletries, plus a ‘just a dollar’, and ‘just 2 dollars’ tables, just to name a few exciting things for sale. And If the shopping has made you hungry cakes and BBQ will cater for your cravings whilst the kids can keep busy with colouring and painting activities and face painting.  

Naturally no fundraiser goes without a good raffle – The ‘Keeping it Local’ spending spree raffle will be held on the day and contains over $200 of gift vouchers from businesses across Cooroy all rolled into one big raffle prize, so you can enjoy everything Cooroy has to offer.

Come along and give a buck on Saturday 28th July for a stroll through the stalls and morning tea for a good cause.