Things To Consider When Purchasing Acreage

Things To Consider When Purchasing Acreage

Thinking of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind and making a
move to the country? Find yourself romanticising over bringing the kids up
in an old Queenslander on 10 acres, having a dozen free range chooks,
growing your own fruit and veggies, and waking up to the smell of fresh
mountain air every morning? Fancy yourself as a bit of a River Cottage
wannabe? A farm won’t run itself, but with a little education and knowing
your limits before you buy, life on acreage is simply bliss!

1. What do you want to achieve from the land? This should dictate the
size of the property you buy. Do you want animals? Horses for the kids?
To earn an income? Is it just for your sense of privacy? Once you have
answered these questions, purchase a property that will suit your needs.
Remember, you will have to maintain it. An experienced agent will be
able to assist you with local maintenance people such as fencing
contractors, affordable gardeners and landscapers, slashing contractors
and so on.

2. Location: The old saying, “Location Location Location” is very true.
Think about how long you plan on staying in the property and how much
value you can add in those years. If you are using this as a part of your
retirement plan, this is critical. Talk to your agent about hotspots and the
current time on market when selling in that particular area before your

3. Schools, shopping and medical facilities: We have seen many people
over the years jump in and purchase acreage properties without
researching the schools and bus links first. If you have children, ask your
agent to get that information FIRST or you’ll quite possibly find yourself
being a permanent taxi service. For those with health issues or the elderly,
always consider the distance to the closest medical facilities. Shopping is
an important consideration. Find out how far it is to the local grocery store
or shopping centre and what shops are available.

4. Water is gold! The majority of acreage properties are run purely on tank
water, and the lucky ones have the addition of a bore, which may or may
not be potable. We’re lucky enough to have sufficient rainfall in the
Sunshine Coast Hinterland, however there can be sudden periods of dry
where the gardens will certainly benefit from abundant tank water, the
bore or a spring fed dam. Always do plenty of research about water
capacity on the property before you purchase!

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