The Emotion of Selling




The Emotion of Selling

They say home is where the heart is, so it comes as no surprise that some people experience strong emotions when selling their home.The emotional connection you have with your home is without doubt very normal. Our homes are our havens, our pieces of paradise where we unwind, relax, create memories or raise a family. However, as a seller you need a strategy to avoid your emotions getting the best of you during the sales process in order to achieve the best outcome for your future. 

Here are some tips to work with emotions you may face when selling:
- During preparation for sale thank your home for all the memories you have had there over the years and start distancing yourself from the physical connection.
- Start thinking about your home as a house that will become a transaction that leads to your next exciting chapter. 
- Stage your home with impersonal items so it begins to feel less like home.
- Put yourself in the buyer's shoes and imagine how happy the next family will be in a home you helped create.

A great agent will help guide you through what can be an emotional journey every step of the way. Contact Hinternoosa today if you are thinking of selling so we can help you start making new memories in your new home to treasure for years to come.