Pre-sales Styling




Pre-sales Styling

Real estate agents are now up-skilling, re-evaluating and refining their methods to achieve the best results to meet the market demands. 

The seller has one area left in which to make an impact – and that is presentation. Presentation is what creates first impressions. By paying attention to the details, you can greatly reduce the number of reasons a buyer can find to negotiate the asking price.

Pre-sales styling is like visual merchandising for your home. The three aims of visual merchandising are to attract, engage and motivate to purchase.

Colour, lighting, attention to the floor plan and the way traffic is directed through that space, and sensory elements can all be achieved by pre sales styling. By combining these elements, and more, in the right balance, the best features are highlighted. A well-presented home will stand out from the others and it increases the chances of attracting a broad pool of possible buyers who are able to see themselves living in the home and are this motivates them to purchase.

Pre-sales styling enables buyers to see themselves living in the home. When preparing your property for sale the focus needs to rest on the potential buyer. Your home is then presentation ready and ready to sell!