Noosa's Electric Vehicle Expo 12th may




Noosa's Electric Vehicle Expo 12th may

Lean Green Electric Machine: Noosa's Electric Vehicle Expo 12th may 


The Noosa Electric Vehicle expo is coming to Noosa may 12th! 

So what's the expo all about? 

The expo will exhibit emissions-free vehicles for the community to explore and even trial! From the infamous Elon Musk's Tesla car range to boats, bikes and even skateboards!  

So, who's running the expo? 

The Noosa Electric Vehicle Expo is an initiative of Zero Emissions Noosa Inc (ZEN).  Their mission is to achieve zero net community carbon emissions in the Noosa Shire by 2026.  showcase cars but bikes, trucks you name it!. 

Why are we so excited? 

One of Hinternoosa's missions since 2010 has been to reduce our Carbon footprint with our very own solar farm owned by the principles Murray and Lyndal Brown for which our office in Maple Street, Cooroy was accredited by Eco-Biz several years ago for ‘green sustainability rating’. Our solar farm provides enough energy for 15 homes and offset's the carbon footprint to below zero! We are very excited to explore the parameters of zero emissions for our beautiful Noosa Shire