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Posted by Lyndal Brown

BOS BAG Organic Cattle Fly Control

Treat livestock passively this fly season by filling Bos Bags with allowable organic input Absorbacide or similar (also available for immediate dispatch). Cattle self medicate with one bag of Absorbacide (applied through refillable Bos Bag lasting 100hd about a month). BOS BAG has new rugged design with water resistant canvas cover and eyelets giving several options when hanging in the paddock. No more chemical sprays, chemical fly tags, pour-ons or back rubber repellants, Absorbacide kills through physical contact with insects and doesn't enter the blood stream. Amorphous Silica product- totally safe to use (not crystalline). Locally designed, manufactured and marketed through KANDANGA AG PRODUCTS and ready for immediate dispatch Australia Wide. Buy your first BOS Bags with a bag of Absorbacide for an extra $66. www.bosrural.com.au or www.bosorganic.com.au

"A successful alternative to Ear Tags or Chemicals for Buffalo Fly and Ticks is this easy to install and cost effective BOS Bag. Filled with a Silica Sulphur dusting powder, this easy to use product works a treat. As we have 3 cows only for our small boutique farm, a BOS Bag will last us some months making this incredibly cost effective. 10 days ago our Cows had nasty lesions and sores, we cut a piece of Bamboo rod and hung it between 2 trees, feeding them a few times a week under it to get them accustomed to it. They look fantastic now and love the BOS bag. I’m so impressed that I’m going to get another to hand in the other paddock as well which suits for the purpose of cell grazing from one paddock to another. As it has a waterproof cover, it isn’t necessary to worry about wastage in the rainy weather!".