Investment Goals

Investment Goals

Achieve your investment goals in the next financial year 

Here are some of our tips to help you on your way to purchasing your first or next investment property this coming financial year.

Research and research some more 
Stay up to date with the latest data and trends to ensure you make an informed decision and invest your money in the right property. 

Ask for assistance 
Get in touch with experts like financial advisors and real estate agents who can help you on the right path to an educated decision. 

Use resources available 
There's technology to help you almost every step of the way! If you can think of it, there will be an app for it. 

Work out the numbers 
Calculate how much you can afford to invest and determine your limit. List all of your existing assets, income and expenses and speak to a mortgage broker to assess your borrowing capacity. 

Shop with someone else in mind 
You need to remind yourself that this property is an investment. Try not to get caught up in minor details instead focus on what is functional, easy to maintain and what will appeal to a broad range of people. 

Leave the emotion out of it 
This is a business transaction, think with your head, not your heart. You don't need to fall in love with an investment property like you would when buying a home to move into yourself.

To speak with our professional network of financial advisors, mortgage brokers and our experienced agents who can help you achieve your investment goals, contact Hinternoosa today.

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