Have your say about the renting reform!




Have your say about the renting reform!



You have probably seen reports about the renting reform in Queensland which arose at the end of September. There is a multitude of published articles on this circulating currently.


The major issues that seem to be at the top of the list are things like;

  • Renting with pets (possibly not giving owners a choice)
  • Making changes to a property (should tenants have to have permission)
  • Entry Practices and privacy


In a newsletter on the 5th October, the REIQ gave a short insight with the main focus on renting with pets.


"Would a pet bond help tenants and property owners reach agreement around keeping pets?" - is one of the questions in the snap poll and as at Friday 85% of 1451 votes responded yes.


The REIQ CEO continued saying: “We know that tenants with pets tend to stay longer, tend to be happier and evidence suggests are more reliable.”


Furthermore, we know that so far, the overwhelming majority of respondents to the written survey have been tenants (about 76%).


As your managing agent we have already responded to the snap poll however our vote only counts as one.


We strongly suggest that you follow the below link and have your say as a landlord as well as understand what it is the government is proposing. Whilst the government has not provided a whitepaper there are many real estate professionals and organisations in the background working on finding out details since the recent announcement.




We will keep you updated on any further development.