Does Your Agent Have the Current Training, Skills and Experience to Sell Your Property?

Does Your Agent Have the Current Training, Skills and Experience to Sell Your Property?

Depending on which avenue you choose, it can only take 1 week to 12 months to become a real estate agent. Many of the skills required are learnt over many years from experience on the ground, learning from other high performing agents and continual professional development. Knowing the level of skill and experience of your agent is important to optimise your sale price, terms and have an enjoyable selling experience. We’ve put together a list of some of the most important skills, training and experience to look for when choosing an agent.

Communication Skills

Text? Email? Phone calls? A proactive agent understands their client’s preferences when it comes to communication and are in touch on a regular basis. You should never be left wondering. Regular communication from your agent assists to guide you through the entire selling process. We often hear how much buyers appreciate when a call is answered or they are called back as this is unfortunately a common complaint of the real estate industry.

Educational Skills and Continual Professional Development

Holding a sales certificate is not enough to be skilled as a sales agent. When you choose someone to sell your home, you need to know they train in real estate like a professional athlete or medical practitioner would in their field of expertise. A skilled real estate professional can educate you on what to expect on your journey and how to handle the unexpected, ensuring your journey is a smooth one. At Hinternoosa we believe that you never stop learning and we keep at the top of our field by participating in fortnightly training and attending industry conferences throughout the year.

People Skills

Selling your home can be stressful so it’s important for your agent to have the ability to help you feel supported at all times. This ability comes from being able to provide reassurance by drawing upon experience and a high level of emotional intelligence.

REIQ accreditation

Is your agent or agency REIQ accredited? The Real Estate Institute of Queensland are the governing body for real estate professionals and guide best practice in our industry. Without accreditation, an agent may not be operating within best practice guidelines, may not be up to date with current legislation and potentially may not be held accountable for their actions or the way they handle your property sale if you don’t have a positive experience. Hinternoosa are proud members of the REIQ.

Technology Adaption Skills

Proptech has assisted our industry move forward in leaps and bounds over the years. It is vital your agent is across all innovations available to them in order to promote your property, achieve the best possible outcome, understand the intricacies of leveraging off social media platforms and utilise artificial intelligence to your advantage. Being in business for 32 years, Hinternoosa have mastered the art of keeping ahead of the market and up to date with technological advancements to elevate our service to you.

Time Management Skills

You should always feel like your agents only client. Sounds simple, but exceptional time management is rare in the real estate industry. Take note from your first meeting as to whether the agent is on time or late. Then afterwards, do you have to continually follow them up and how soon do you receive feedback from inspections? Punctuality, superior time management and a skilled administration team is critical when considering which agent to choose.

Negotiation skills  

Surprisingly, negotiation isn’t taught in real estate courses, yet it is one of the major skills you expect from your agent. The best negotiators in our industry practice this skill regularly and understand how to reach a positive outcome for all involved in negotiations. At Hinternoosa we experience first-hand how our clients benefit from our negotiation abilities.

Experience and Mentors

A team of experienced, high performing agents has a lot of wisdom to impart on newer agents. Mentorship, sharing of experiences and property knowledge has always been encouraged at Hinternoosa. This ensures the continuation of the depth of knowledge our agents have gained from being market leaders for the last 32 years.

Local Market Knowledge

There is no better education on an area than living in it and being an active part of it. Our team are local residents therefore have an intimate knowledge of the neighbourhoods and suburbs in which they work. We are familiar with the local schools, businesses and other points of interest that are necessary to know when selling in the area.

When it comes to real estate, Hinternoosa are the longest standing agency in the Noosa Hinterland. From 1989 until today, we have gained the training, skills and experience to be market leaders in our industry and continue to achieve exceptional results for our clients.


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